Short. Fun. Fast.

Set your fastest time from the sea at Glen Beach to the Cable Car Station on the summit of Table Mountain – a climb of some 1050-metres over 6,5 kilometres.

Think you’ve got what it takes to top the leaderboard of one of Cape Towns first vertical KM routes?

“I think it is achievable for everyone. Many people will only be able to hike it, but that is still cool, the time difference will still not be huge to those who run.”

– Ryan Sandes

“If you want to race it you have to go balls to the wall,” says Ryan Sandes, brainchild of the #TableMountainFKT

“For me – as ultra runner – that is one of the hardest things, because I’m so used to going long distances,” he says.

You can record your run by using Strava on your mobile phone, or recording your route with a GPS device and downloading the KML or GPX file. Then, simply sign-up and upload your files and you’ll automatically be placed in the overall leaderboard!


To make it fair, everyone who successfully completes Ryan Sandes Table Mountain FKT and uploads their time to the website will go into the draw for the grand prize.


Grand Prize:

The winner and a friend will win a weekend away with Ryan Sandes to the Cederberg.


Fastest Male:

GoPro Hero 5


Fastest Female:

GoPro Hero 5


First 50 Finishers

The first 50 finishers will receive a Salomon tech tee.


Best Instagram Photo

Best Instagram photo taken on the trail will win a pair of Salomon Shoes. Best image will be chosen by Ryan Sandes and Red Bull Photographer Craig Kolesky. You must post the image to Instagram using the #TableMountainFKT and tag both @RedBullZA and @RyanSandes

One of Cape Towns first vertical KM routes

“The vertical KM has become so popular in Europe,” says Sandes. “And, it’s a really short and fun way to test yourself.”

“The views are just Epic,” he explains the motivation behind the setting. “Getting to start on the beach and running all the way up Table Mountain is also pretty special.”

While the route is a content climb it takes in a variety of terrain. “It’s a good mix that isn’t too difficult but will definitely push you out of their comfort zone,” says Sandes.

Choose your tracking device

You can record your run by using Strava on your mobile phone, or recording your route with a device that can export to either a KML or GPX file.

Run the approved route

Follow the route outlined below. Take note of the important waypoints! If you don’t run to these checkpoints your attempt won’t be a valid entry.

Sign up and upload your attempt

Once you’ve recorded your run, sign-up and then use the upload form to upload your attempt. You’ll automatically be placed in the overall leaderboard below!

The #TableMountainFKT route starts on Glen Beach, on the concrete stairs that go off the middle of the beach, it takes in The Glen Trail before routing up and along the Kloof Nek contour path, East toward India Venter, which is the way to the summit. From there it’s straight to the top Cable Car Station.

Runners can run any route (marked trails only) they want to as long as they cross the start, finish and three checkpoints mentioned below. The start, finish and checkpoints do not need to be physically tagged but your GPS track must go over these points. Please respect the mountain and only run on the marked trails.

  • START Middle Glen Beach stairs. There is a no swimming sign and some other signage.(-33.94688132271739, 18.37806321295712)
  • CP1. Halfway up The Glen Trail (-33.94235263414806, 18.39186771385567)
  • CP2. Halfway up Kloofnek Corner Beacon stairs (-33.946795, 18.398055)
  • CP3. Contour path past India Venter (-33.957611, 18.402278)
  • FINISH Round topographic map in front of the cable car station (-33.95763092395412, 18.40305764844705)

Detailed Route Description

The #TableMountainFKT route starts on Glen Beach, on the concrete stairs that go off the middle of the beach (there is a no swimming sign and some other signage).

Make your way up these stairs. Take a left turn and head up towards the main road.

Once you’re on the main road, turn left and run towards Clifton and Sea Point. After about 70 metres carefully cross the road and look out for The Glen Trail which goes up the Glen towards the top of Kloof Nek.

The Glen trailhead is just after a big sign, saying ‘Welcome Camps Bay Retreat’ (if you pass the Lower Kloof Road turn off you have gone too far).

Run up The Glen Trail, passing Camps Bay High School on your left and halfway up this trail will be your first checkpoint so make sure you stay on the main trail.

Keep running up and you will pop out at the main intersection on the top of Kloof Nek Road (where the turn off’s are to signal hill and the cable car).

Carefully cross the road and run up Tafelberg road towards the lower Cable Station.

Before reaching the lower cable car station, take the Kloof Nek corner trail turn off on your right and head up the stairs towards the Kloof Nek corner beacon and the contour path.

The second checkpoint is halfway up these stairs so make sure you take the turn off.

Once you hit the contour path, contour around left towards the lower cable car station. Just above the Cable Car station you will see the sign posted turn-off that goes up India Venster. This is where the fun starts! Take the India Venster turn off and head straight up the mountain towards the upper cable car station.

The trail eventually flattens out a bit and contours around the back of Table Mountain (above Camps Bay).

This is where the third and final checkpoint is.

Follow the trail around the back of the mountain and it will loop back towards the top of Table Mountain and the upper cable car station. There is signage you can follow.

Once on top of the mountain run towards the entrance of the upper cable car station..

The finish is the big round topographic map in front of the cable car station with a stone cladded wall. Touch the map and you can stop your timer.